By Lea Struck

What time do we have right now? The smartphone is quickly pulled out and time is checked. The cell phone has long since replaced the function of our well-known wristwatch. Wrong thought! Since the launch of the Smartwatch, timepieces can now do far more than just display the time. There are no limits to the functions and design of today’s wristwatches. Can you imagine? Read for yourself – Fly Aeolus has put together a list of the most unique watches in the world for you. After all, this is no longer just about the question of time.

Category ‘World Records’

A world record: the world’s highest recognized achievement in a specific field. Of course, such a thing also exists for watches. And some manufacturers even take this competition more than seriously. For example, the title hunt for the flattest automatic wristwatch was extremely contestable.

While the Swiss jewelry manufacturer Piaget maintained the record for 40 years, the ‘Altiplano’ was eventually beaten by the Italian Bulgari in 2017. However, Piaget refused to give up the title so easily and the world record was quickly regained the following year. Spurred on by this rapid loss of victory, the Italian jewelry manufacturer did not wait long for an even flatter model. Less than three months later, the ‘Octo Finissimo Tourbillon Automatic’ was launched. It is currently the world’s thinnest automatic wristwatch. And we are talking about a height of just 3.95 millimeters!

The thinnest automatic wristwatch
Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Concept

In the end, the record for the world’s thinnest mechanical wristwatch was reserved for Piaget. The ‘Altiplano Ultimate Concept’ measures a mere 2 millimeters and has been available as a production model since 2020 at a price of 417,000 Euros.

Time is money!?

The most expensive watch sold worldwide is the one by Patek PhilippeGrandmaster Chime Ref. 6300A‘, which carries a proud price of 28.6 million Euros! The Swiss luxury piece was auctioned in 2019 at the Only Watch auction in Geneva. However, the new owner remains unknown. Patek Philippe has thus been able to maintain its position as the most expensive watch seller in the luxury market, but nevertheless Rolex continues to lead in terms of global market share.

The most expensive watch worldwide
The diamond-covered ‘Graff Hallucination’

But in fact, much more expensive watches can be found. However, these were never sold publicly. The first two leading positions are currently held by the jeweler Graff Diamonds. The first place is taken by the Graff Hallucination in platinum. The watch is covered with 110 carats of rare, multicolored diamonds and is estimated to be worth an impressive 55 million dollars.

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The most unique watches in the world: A timeless design

Also the design plays an important role in our list of the most unique watches. From astronomical timepieces that display the movements of the solar system, to those without a dial or even hands, all the way to those that indicate the time all over the world. We have compiled the most interesting pieces of jewelry for you:

Starting with the classic design. It does not always have to be the typical hands. The function of reading the time is clearly pushed into the background. Or does it simply make the whole thing more exciting?

Most unique watches: design pieces
Left to right: ZIIIRO Mercury Watch, Ora Unica Watch, Free Time Watch, Nadir Watch

For those who love watches for its numbers, there exist already some with mathematical calculations. If that is not enough for you? What about a binary wristwatch? Here the time can only be read when the LEDs from the upper and lower row are added together. In the following photo, for example, it is currently 02:11 pm.

Most unique watches: Binary watch
Binary watch from St. Leonard

Smart Watches – How intelligent are they really?

Design is one thing, but what functions do watches actually have? The intelligent wristwatch connected to a smartphone, allows access to a wide variety of apps. This allows calls, messages and any other information on the Smartwatch to be retrieved which are normally intended for the cell phone. Fitness tracking functions are also becoming more and more popular with customers. Here, not only steps but also calories, pulses, or even sleep behavior can be measured. And, as is generally known, the technology does by contrast never sleep. Until digitalization creates further possibilities, it is literally only a question of time.

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