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Located in the south of the Netherlands and the beautiful province Brabant, Breda will surprise you. When a person wants to visit the Netherlands, Amsterdam is the first thing that pops up in their mind. But is there more than what meets the eye? Breda is a living and burgundy city in the South of the Netherlands. In addition, Breda is proud to have one of the most beautiful and largest casinos in Europe, called Holland Casino Breda. It is the perfect destination to go shopping by day and experience the Holland Casino Breda by night. 

In this blog, you will discover more about one of the largest casino in Europe, Holland Casino Breda, the city itself, and how you can reach the destination by private jet. Are you curious about other destinations and the prices? Then check our blog about sightseeing in the Netherlands and try our price calculator!

Holland Casino Breda

Holland Casino Breda
Source: Rinse Gijsman

On the Kloosterplein in Breda, you can find one of the most beautiful and largest casinos in Europe, called Holland Casino Breda. Breda has the oldest city center in The Netherlands and the centuries-old history of this location is what makes the city so special. The casino is built in a former monastery where first nuns and later on military soldiers lived. The casino is designed in an international oriented and modern way. In addition, there is also a luxurious and beautiful à la carte restaurant from where you have a beautiful view of the playing tables and the whole casino. 

One of the casino’s specialties is its location, it is to be found in the center of the city. Once you are done playing or you want to eat in another restaurant, the whole city that still needs to be discovered is within walking distance. Check our other blog about flying with a private jet to the best casinos in Europe for more information.

Restaurants & bars close to Holland Casino Breda

There are a lot of restaurants and bars in the city center of Breda. Due to the wide range of different types of restaurants, it can become difficult to choose one. It can go from Mexican to a traditional Dutch “Stamppot” restaurant. 

Restaurants & bars close to Holland Casino Breda

The nightlife and bars of Breda is also an experience you shouldn’t miss. The number of options is tremendous. During the day, everyone enjoys the sun on a terrace and by night a lot of people enjoy each other’s company with a beer in a bar. 

These are our top 5 recommended restaurants and bars:

  • Restaurant Zuyd – this luxurious restaurant provides dishes that look like eatable pieces of art. The cuisine is French, and everything is homemade.
  • Restaurant Liefdegesticht – a restaurant located on the historical catholic grounds of Breda. Hotel Nassau and restaurant Liefdegesticht are a living reminder of the rich history of the city. Enjoy delicious meals while experiencing the history of Breda at the same time. 
  • De Boerenstamppot restaurant – to make your trip complete, you should try a typical Dutch meal called “Stamppot”. Visit this restaurant to discover the Dutch farmer’s cuisine and optimize your trip to Breda.
  • Café Bommel – this café is one of the oldest in Breda and a nice place for young and old to enjoy a beer while watching live shows. 
  • Café De Beyerd – this café is very famous in Breda. It is the place to be if you like special beers. They have a least 125 different beers to offer of which 5 are from their own brewery. 

Other activities

Breda is a living city where many things can be done beyond your imagination. Check the following activities we recommend when you to do in Breda, it will definitely interest you!

Climb the “Grote Kerk” of Breda

Holland Casino Breda - Grote Kerk Breda
Source: Evangelidis

Next to visiting the “Grote Kerk” of Breda, it is also possible to climb it. The Church is 97 meters high and was built between 1468 and 1509 in the “Brabantse” Gothic style. It is possible to climb the Church through a spiral staircase up to 60 meters high. You will get an explanation of the guide about the Nassau clock of 3500k, the former tower watchers’ room, and the interesting buildings surrounding the Church.

Begijnhof Breda

Visit the Begijnhof in Breda to travel back in time. In the busy centrum of the city is a quiet and serene place to find. This location has been the home of a beguine community since 1267. There were around 1.000 beguinages in Europe of which some buildings of it remains but not the institution. Take the opportunity to visit a historical place that the people of Breda are proud of. 

Breda Jazz Festival

Breda Jazz Festival - Holland Casino Breda
Image by PlayTheTunes

Enjoy a free Jazz Festival in the historical city center of Breda. Every year around the month of May, the city comes together for 4 days to listen to beautiful jazz music. The Breda Jazz Festival exists since 1971 and attracts 250.000 visitors per year. It is the oldest and biggest Jazz Festival in Europe.

How to reach your destination?

How to reach your destination Holland Casino Breda with Fly Aeolus

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