By Carmen Bos

Everyone is looking forward to the upcoming summer months after a year of living in a pandemic world and multiple lockdowns. Travel agencies and tourism offices are positively and optimistically looking forward to the near future, taking into account the running COVID 19 vaccination programs. Furthermore, they are already spotting trends for summer 2021.

Discover Fly Aeolus’ best private jet summer 2021 trends post corona in this blog! 

Holiday in your own country

One trend that will occur during the upcoming summer, is that more people will book a holiday in their own country. In order to avoid the risk of possible outbreaks at a destined location and closed borders, travelers opt for an easy return back home. 

The tourism industry is fighting to regain the trust of the customer which is an existential issue. The desire to travel is great but there is a lot of concern as well. Compared to the previous year private jet bookings and sales of prebooked package tours were 68% lower.

The travel industry wants to regain the trust of the customer by following a couple of steps. One of these steps is to assure that holidays within their own country are completely safe. 

Outdoor holidays

Travelers are thirsty for outdoor trips after being housebound for almost a whole year. Biking, hiking, or camping trips are now a popular trends. Sales of bicycles, motor homes, and camper vans exploded in 2020. Travelers increasingly relied on vacation homes and campsites for accommodations instead of big hotels. 

There is also a growing interest in sustainable travel as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Outdoor and ecotourism was already experiencing rising demand before the coronavirus, and the pandemic acted as a catalyst. Demand for other forms of transportation, on the other hand, has decreased and will need time to regain their previous occupancy rate.

More travel insurances with covid 19 benefits

travel insurance with covid 19 benefits

Studies of the travel insurance comparison site Squaremouth have shown that this year more people are purchasing travel insurance packages with Covid19 benefits such as cancellation and medical coverage. Those coverages guard your trip against any pandemic problems.

And, given the continued climate of uncertainty when it comes to foreseeing one’s personal circumstances and inconstant conditions at the planned time of travel, roughly 27 percent of purchasers are springing for the ‘Cancel For Any Reason’ upgrade, as compared to the 19 percent who did so in 2020. Fly Aeolus also offers additional services for your air taxi flight including cancelation insurance. Check our services page for more information.

Leading traveling generation: Baby Boomers

baby boomers leading traveling generation

Baby boomers are turning their collective attention to traveling again with the growing number of them receiving Covid19 vaccinations. This makes the Baby Boomers the leading traveling generation with 30% of the travelers, followers by Gen X at 24%, and Gen Z at 18%. Baby boomers also tend to book a private jet for their trips to places where traditional airline companies do not land. This is also to avoid busy airports, hence the risk of infection.

“The rise in travel among Baby Boomers is part of a trend we’ve seen since the vaccine rollout,” says Squaremouth Lead Data Analyst, Steven Benna. “This trend is continuing as travelers begin to book their summer vacations.”

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trends summer 2021 air taxi

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