By Stefaan Ghijs

Consider an air taxi flight to Deauville: initially a farming village, now a thriving and mundane beach city in the department Calvados within the region Normandy. The Duke of Morny, a half-brother of Napoleon the 3rd decided that Deauville should become a beautiful seaside resort with a train connection to Paris. Deciding to invest in some villa’s and a horse racetrack: Deauville was born. After world war one the first hotels and a casino were built. Nowadays Deauville is also referred as the Parisian riviera.

What to do in Deauville?

Deauville is world-renowned and known for its festivities and prestigious establishments. Check out the different luxury villa’s or the Casino of Deauville. It is the most famous Casino of France. Entrance is free and you can dress casually. But be aware if you decide to take a gamble as the minimum stakes are rather high.

But foremost Deauville is known for its horses. Deauville and horses are inextricably linked with each other. It has racetracks, horse markets, polo, education centers and off course a beautiful beach on which you can do horse riding at low tide. A visit to the “Hippodrome Deauville La Touque” is therefore a must!

If you looking to take it more “easy going” choose to take a stroll at the wide sandy beach with beach huts named after movie stars. A stroll at the boardwalk promenade which also has some cafes might be the perfect alternative.

Air taxi flight to Deauville

Nightlife at Deauville

Given the clientele that visits Deauville it will not come to a surprise that Deauville has multiple music venues and chic and fashionable clubs. Start with a gastronomical, though reasonable dinner in “Le Spinnaker” after which you head for the club “les Planches”. Do not worry about time, most clubs open at 22:00 and do not close before 5:00.

Industry in Deauville

Deauville is internationally known for its horse culture, its famous tracks, Yearling sales and its multiple group one annual races. The countryside around Deauville is the main horse breeding region in France. It is home to numerous stud farms. Each year the important “Ventes de Deauville” yearling auction is held in mid-August.

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flightticket to horse city Deauville

Flight to Deauville (Saint-Gatien) Airport

Deauville airport is a small international airport situated 7 km east of Deauville. Most busy in Summer due to multiple charter flights and the horse cargo.

In the weekdays the airport is opened from 0500 to 2100. Saturday, Sunday and public holidays have different opening times. Customers can request an extension of the opening times, though this must be done 48 hours in advance and will involve extra opening charges. In summer be aware to request your return flight to Deauville early. Due to the horse races, parking space at the airport is quickly consumed because of the high incoming demand for horse cargo and other private jets.

The airport is IFR equipped, which means that landing and taking off in bad visibility weather conditions is possible up to a certain extend.

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Prices air taxi flight to Deauville (France)


Flight to Deauville from Rotterdam (day return)
Aircraft: Cirrus SR22
Flight time: 1:44
Price: 3055,00 EUR (for 3 passengers)

Flight to Deauville from Maastricht (day return)
Aircraft: Cirrus SR22
Flight time: 1:49
Price: 2766,00 EUR (for 3 passengers)

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