By Aron van Ziel

“How many kilos of hold luggage can you take on an airplane?” This is a question that many travelers struggle with. People also often wonder why there is a restriction on the number of kilos of hand or hold baggage. You do not have to state your own weight, do you? In this blog we would like to give you the answers to these questions.

How much hand and hold baggage is allowed

With a commercial airline there are two types of baggage, hold baggage and hand baggage. Hold baggage is anything that is checked in and in the hold of the aircraft that cannot be accessed during the flight. The statutory maximum weight for hold luggage is 32 kilos. This maximum is set for several reasons. Firstly, so that the ground staff who have to move the luggage do not suffer back problems.

The other reason for the maximum weight of your luggage is the “weight and balance” of an aircraft. For each flight, a certain maximum weight of luggage can be taken. This maximum depends on several factors such as the length of the flight and the total weight the aircraft may weigh during take-off and landing. This takes into account the aircraft weight, the weight of the required fuel and the number of passengers.

The requirements for the weight and dimensions of your hand and hold baggage differ from airline to airline. So take a good look at the website of your airline before you leave, so that you will not be faced with unexpected surprises upon departure. Here are some examples.

Hold LuggageKLMAir FranceLufthansa
Max. DimensionsLxWxH=158cmLxWxH=158cmLxWxH=158cm
Max. Weight23 kg23 kg23 kg
Hand luggageKLMAir FranceLufthansa
Max. dimensions55 x 35 x 25 cm55 x 35 x 25 cm55 x 40 x 23 cm
Amount of accessoire111
Max. dimensions accessoire40 x 30 x 15 cm40 x 30 x 15 cm40 x 30 x 10 cm
Max. weight12 kg12 kg8 kg

What kind of hand and hold baggage can you take with you?

In addition to the airline you fly with, there are a few criteria that play a role in the weight and dimensions of your luggage. The destination, airport and the type of ticket you have are also important. Commercial airlines sell seats for multiple prices. The airline wants to deliver more value for the higher rates. As a result, customers who have bought tickets for higher fares are allowed to bring more baggage.

With some airlines, the hold baggage also differs per class that you travel. With Business Class you can often take more with you than, for example, in Economy Class.

Do you have luggage that you would like to take with you on holiday but that does not meet the criteria for hold luggage? Then you can indicate this at the check-in desk. This baggage will be treated as oversized hold baggage. Oversized hold baggage is heavier and larger than normal hold baggage. Do you want to know if you have oversized hold luggage? Then check the following criteria:

Oversized baggage

  • Baggage with a minimum size of 100 cm long, 65 cm high and 75 cm wide and a maximum size of 350 cm long, 100 cm high and 100 cm wide.
  • Pets.
  • Baggage weighing between 32 and 80 kilos.
  • Baggage that can roll and / or has protruding parts.
  • Chemical items appearing on the prohibited articles list.
  • Baggage that is fragile.

If you have baggage that exceeds the specified criteria, you will have to transport it as cargo.

What can you bring on board?

With regard to hold luggage, you can take almost anything with you, unless it is on the list of prohibited items. It must also comply with the prescribed rules regarding weight and dimensions.

Bagage with private airplanes

The baggage process for smaller aircraft is different than for the commercial airlines. Fly Aeolus’ fleet consists of Cirrus SR22 aircraft. The luggage compartment of the Cirrus SR22 has a length of 91 cm, a width of 101 cm and the height is 97 cm. Therefore it easily fits hand luggage that you can also take on board with traditional commercial flights. The luggage may be 10 kilos per person with a maximum size of 55x40x20. However, you can always take more with you in consultation. The latter depends on the number of passengers and the flight time.

The weight of the aircraft has an effect on fuel consumption. If the aircraft is heavily loaded, this will reduce the performance of the aircraft. This may prevent you from taking more luggage with you on longer flights. Before your departure, it will be clearly communicated whether this is the case for your flight. With a smaller plane, the luggage has a greater impact on the flight than with a larger plane.

If you indicate that you wish to take more baggage with you, this will be evaluated for you by our operations department. They will indicate how much extra weight you can take along. It is even possible to take golf bags with you on a Cirrus SR22 plane. A second golf bag will though need to be placed on a free passenger seat.

A big difference with smaller aircraft is that you do not have to check in the luggage. You can simply take the luggage with you. The pilot will take your hand luggage and load it directly onto the plane. This will save you a lot of time. As a result, you usually only need to be present 15 minutes before departure at Fly Aeolus.

On our blog “All the answers for your questions when hiring an air taxi” you will find answers to many other questions that might come up when you want to book a private flight.

Flying with Fly Aeolus Air Taxi

With the Cirrus SR22, Fly Aeolus can fly to more than 1,600 airports spread all over Europe. This means you can always land close to your final destination. Have you always wanted to fly cheaply in your own private plane. Then calculate the price for your next trip!

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