By Stefaan Ghijs


Every week we get questions from passengers how much luggage they can take with them on an air taxi flight. The space available in the Cirrus SR22 air taxi depends on the number of passengers. If you travel with three people, you can take less baggage than if you are traveling alone. If you travel alone, it is also possible to place a soft bag next to you on the other, not occupied passenger seat.

Baggage compartment Weight and Size

The entrance to our baggage compartment is 50 cm x 50 cm. The luggage may weigh a maximum of 10 kilograms per person. The length in the baggage compartment is 91 cm, the width 101 cm and the height is 97 cm.

Baggage compartment Cirrus SR22

A standard hand luggage case (similar like the one you can take in the cabin of an airliner) fits perfectly into our luggage compartment. Large hard suitcases that you normally use for a holiday of three weeks do not fit. By the way, most of our air taxi flights are day return trips, which means that there is often only a laptop or a small bag on board of the air taxi. For the golfers among us there is also room for 1 golf bag.

If you have your doubts whether you can bring your desired bag, please let us know, we will let you know what the possibilities are.