By Stefaan Ghijs

What is Fractional Ownership or shared ownership? We do frequently get this question from our customers. With a fractional ownership model, you purchase a portion or a share of a specific aircraft which you can use for your private flights. With Fly Aeolus the share of € 995,00 gives you access to the whole fleet of Cirrus SR22 aircraft throughout Europe. If your aircraft isn’t available when you need it, we provide another Cirrus at no additional cost.

With Fly Aeolus, you’ll never have to hire a staff, crew, pay for maintenance or hangars, negotiate fuel costs, or deal with any other time-consuming expenses of whole aircraft ownership.

Regulations around fractional ownership

In order to fully understand the concept it is important to understand there are, rudimentary speaking, two kinds of air operation regulations pertaining safety in the air.

  1. Commercial air operation regulation
  2. Private air operation regulations

In Europe the regulations are set-up by EASA (European Aviation Safety agency). The local Civil Aviation Authorities in the different European countries have an inspection authority to check whether operators are operating aircraft according to these rules.

Commercial air operation regulations

The Commercial regulations, in itself very strict and not very flexible, are rules for operators providing their services to the wide public for renumeration. Private jet operators or all you can fly business jet operators are examples of operators which need to obey to these rules. CAAs will grant these operators an AOC or Air operator certificate if they can prove that they are fully compliant with the commercial air operation regulations.

Private air operation regulations

The private air operation regulations are less strict and more flexible in comparison with their commercial brother. The private air operation regulation is legislation that each operator needs to obey too.

EASA doesn’t see fractional ownership as a commercial activity but they regard it in the same manner as they do general aviation, be it corporate or private.

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Interested? Please refer to our fractional ownership private jet price calculator for a personalized air taxi or fractional ownership offer to any European destination. Of course you can also contact us for further information about our fractional ownership model at +32 (0)3 500 9082 or on