Samedan’s airport, on the roof of Europe.


Samedan is a small town ideally located in the hearth of the touristic Maloja Region in the Swiss canton of Grisons. This central position allows travelers to quickly reach many touristic attractions by train with the Rhaetian Railway. Samedan is also easily accessible thanks to Samedan’s airport. A small international airport which can be reached  … Continued

Top 10 French beaches


France is one of the countries with the most beautiful beaches in the world. In fact, its wide and varied coastline offers beaches of all kinds, from sandy and pebble beaches to small turquoise water coves without forgetting the beaches overlooked by gigantic cliffs. We offer you a selection of the french beaches to rest, swim, walk  … Continued

Top 5 Formula 1 circuits for 2020!


The Formula 1 is the highest class in single seater car racing. The word formula comes from a set of rules which all participants’ cars must conform. A Formula 1 season consists out of a series of races worldwide, in 2019 there where in total 21 races of which 11 where located in Europe. The  … Continued

The coolest winter and summer destinations


This year is slowly coming to an end but the holiday planning for next year is already starting! We have selected 10 top winter and summer destinations for the upcoming year. Travel to the trendiest destinations and spoil yourself!

Ibiza (Spain)

In 654 BC the Phoenicians constructed the first port on the Island as they  … Continued

Fly to United Kingdom after Brexit


On June the 23rd, 2016, news of the “leave” result of the Brexit referendum shook the West. England will leave the European Union in 2 years at the most. Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and since July 2019 the representative of this Brexit, is the one who is supposed to find  … Continued

Fly in a private jet to Lyon


Firstly named Lugdunum, Lyon was a powerful city under antique Roma, it even was the capital city of Roman Gaulle. The city is located at the East of France, 112 kilometers away from the Swiss border and the city of Geneva and is settled on the confluence of the Rhone and the Soane. Famous for  … Continued