By Alexandre Cohen

What better vantage point could you have to admire a landscape than from an airplane? None! Often the best time to enjoy the environment from an airplane is during take-off and landing, depending on the airport you land in. In order for you to enjoy the most breath-taking scenery, Fly Aeolus has prepared a top 10 most beautiful airports in Europe where we can land and take off for you! So, fasten your seatbelts and let yourself be seduced by the exceptional airports and airfields that we will be happy to take you to!

Innsbruck Airport

This airport is located in Western Austria and is located 5 km from Innsbruck`s city center. This airport lies in the Tyrolean region and lies in a valley surrounded by the Alps. The surrounding terrain makes the approach difficult for large aircraft, the Boeing 767 being the largest aircraft that can land there. This size limitation is due to the surrounding Alps, which create strong winds. The General Aviation Center at Innsbruck Airport handles private jet, business jet and air taxi’s and offers perfect service for business and leisure travelers.

Innsbruck Airport

Samedan Airport (Engadin)

Situated in Switzerland, 5 km from St. Moritz, the airport of Engadin is in the middle of the Swiss mountains, this airport welcomes many travelers who wish to enjoy the skiresort of St. Moritz and all the activities it has to offer. Landing at Engadin Airport is breath-taking. You will have a perfect view on the surrounding mountains. Read our blog about the Samedan region to find out more.

Samedan airport

Nice Airport

We do not introduce it anymore, the splendid and so particular airport of Nice Cote d’Azur which accommodates many celebrities and private jets each year. This is definitely one of the most beautiful airports in Europe. Nice airport is the second European airport with the most business jets after Paris-le Bourget! The airport was built on an area partly reclaimed from the sea, a location that will ensure a spectacular view along the coastline and a nice view of the bays and beaches. Want to know more about Nice? Read our blog!

Chambéry Airport

In addition to offering you a landing between the mountains, landing at the airport of Chambery will allow you to fly over the Lac du Bourget. Landing at this airport is very convenient for winter sports enthusiasts, as it is only 10 kilometers from the city of Chambery, the gates of ski resorts!

10 most beautiful airports in Europe

Scilly Isles St Mary Airport

Situated in the South West of England, the Isles of Scilly will offer you peace and a quiet away from noisy cities and urban rush. And this will be felt as soon as you land on the beautiful St Mary’s airstrip! The airport is located on the south coast of the largest island and is only 2 kilometres from Hugh Town. To reach the other islands, however, you will need to use a boat!

Scilly Isles St Mary Airport

Megeve Airport

The altiport of Megève, located in the Rhône-Alpes region of France, is only 5 km from the city of Megève, at an altitude of 1472 m. The runway is less than 500 meters long which does not allow many aircraft to land there. Landing at this airport will give you a breath-taking view of the Alps!

The Aosta Valley Airport

Situated south of the Swiss border in Italy, the approach to Aosta Airport will give the privilege to enjoy the landscape like no one else as you rush into the valley, surrounded by mountains.

10 most beautiful airports in Europe

Jersey Airport

The Jersey International Airport is located a few miles from Saint Helier. A flight over this small international airport allows you to enjoy a beautiful view of the Channel Islands which are called “Iles d’la manche” in the Normand language. The runway on the coast seems to flow into the English Channel.

Jersey Airport

Saanen Gstaad Airport

Gstaad airport in Switzerland is located in the region of Berne in Southern-West Switzerland. To reach Gstaad airport your plane will have to fly over and between the Alps, ensuring you a very beautiful moment with an amazing view on the snowy mountains during winter!

10 most beautiful airports in Europe

Sylt Airport

This small and charming airport on the seafront will offer you a flying experience over the German island of Sylt. North of Hamburg, the island of Sylt is one of our popular summer destination!

most beautiful airports in Europe

Would you like to travel to one of these airports? Or would you like to travel to one of the other 1600 airports most beautiful airports we fly to? There is no safer way to do it than with an airtaxi! Especially with the Covid-19 virus, an air taxi is safer than an commercial flight. Did you like this blog about the 10 most beautiful airports in Europe ? Feel free to have a look at those!

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