By Alexandre Cohen

Every 4 years, the title of European football champion is put at stake in a tournament with 24 teams. They all passed the preliminary rounds of the tournament and are now part of a total of 6 groups. The current title holder is Portugal who managed to win against l’Equipe De France in 2016, this game attracted more than 284 million spectators around the world, making it the second most-attended match in the history of football.

The first edition of UEFA EURO dates back to 1960 which was originally called the European Nations Cup.

This UEFA Euro 2020 is very special because following the example of Euro 2000 (Belgium/Netherlands), 2008 (Switzerland/Austria) and 2012 (Poland/Ukraine), UEFA took the decision to organise the match in several countries. For the 60th anniversary of the competition, the organisers wanted a “big party for Europe”. As a result, a total of 12 countries will host matches in one city in each of these countries:

England/London, Azerbaijan/Baku, Denmark/Copenhagen, Germany/Munich, Hungary/Budapest, Italy/Rome, Netherlands/Amsterdam, Republic of Ireland/Dublin, Romania/Bucharest, Russia/St. Petersburg, Scotland/Glasgow, Spain/Bilbao.

The opening match of the competition will be held at the Olympic Stadium in Rome on June 12.

EURO 2020 tickets
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Matches you should not miss:

We offer you hereby a selection of the matches not to be missed while being relatively close to Western Europe:

Turkey – Italy

Have you always wanted to visit Rome? Here’s a good reason, go to the first match of the tournament at the Olimpico in Rome on June 12 to watch a match opposing the Turkish football team to the Italian one. Atmosphere guaranteed!

England – Croatia

It is in the English capital on June 14 that a match will take place that promises to be of a high level, the finalists of the world cup will face the semi-finalists in a match England-Croatia. We recall that in 2018, Croatia had eliminated England in the semi-finals after a very close game in which the teams were unable to break the tie before the 109th minute! This game takes place at the Wembley Stadium!


On June 14, the first game of the Dutch team will take place in Amsterdam, in the Johan Cruijff Arena, where they will face the Ukrainian national team. This is a good reason to visit the Netherlands!

France – Germany

The clash of the titans between Les Bleus and the Mannschaft will take place at 9pm on June 16. France, who is currently World Champion, will face Germany for a high-flying game. A game that will be perhaps the match with the highest level of the group phase. Kill two birds with one stone and visit the beautiful city of Munich!


The two finalists of Euro 2016 will finally be able to settle their accounts on June 24. Since the defeat of France in the final of UEFA 2016, a real rivalry has been established between the two teams. It is in Budapest, in the Puskas Arena, one of our destinations, that this game with an electric atmosphere will take place!

The last three matches, the two semi-finals and the final will be played in London, in the Wembley Stadium. If you want to travel to England for one of these three historic matches, all means of transport may be saturated. We can get you there faster and more pleasantly!  Check here the full game schedule of EURO 2020!

UEFA EURO 2020 tickets
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How to buy UEFA EURO 2020 tickets

EURO 2020 tickets were on sale at the ticket office on the official website. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to buy them since July 12, 2019. For those who absolutely do not want to miss their team’s match, there are still ways to buy EURO 2020 tickets on third party sites. We remind you that these sites are not official and only resell tickets bought in advance. These purchases are not secure and will therefore be at a higher price than the first sale.

How to get to the EURO 2020 matches

As is often the case, there are several ways to get to the Euro 2020 host countries. However, whether by train, car or commercial airplane, demand is likely to be very high, driving up prices and the use of these traditional means of transport. You can take a look at our destinations, because we can take you to the matches of your dreams in a much more optimal way! Our planes will drop you off as close as possible to your final destination avoiding most of the traffic!

Are you interested in one of these high-stakes games? We can take you there comfortably, pleasantly and quickly! Visit our price calculator to get an idea how much a round trip would cost or send us all your requests or questions at