By Stefaan Ghijs

Why do footballers fly with private jets is a question we regularly get from people that are not familiar with the private aviation industry. Actually, this question is very simple to answer. Soccer players need the flexibility! In this blog, you can find more information about why footballers fly with a private jet and which footballers with private jets bought their own jets. 

Many footballers use a business jet to go up and down different destinations quickly, joining family and friends. The schedule of many soccer players, especially the ones playing with big clubs, includes many obligations they have to meet. They do not only have to show up for training and soccer matches, they also have to represent the club at home and abroad. Hence soccer players are updated late they have a day off in between their busy schedules. As they are willing to spend the limited free time as optimal as possible, they book a business jet saving precious travel time.

footballers with private jets: neymar
Source: Münchener Abendzeitung

During the soccer player transfer period a lot of players are also required to travel. Since most of the top clubs are based in Europe, the main destinations can be found within Europe.

Transfers may have high financial consequences for the player as well as the club. Consequentially these kinds of visits are often done in total discretion. If you fly with a business jet, you leave from a special and dedicated terminal at the airport. This business terminal has no security and check-in waiting lines. This allows the players to travel in complete privacy. Famous footballers often attract a fair amount of attention which they are to prevent in this important transfer period.

Footballers with private jets: Who can afford a business jet?

As in any industry, there are also the top earners. These footballers do not have to rent a private jet but can afford one themselves. Most revenues of these famous soccer players come from signing lucrative contracts with their soccer clubs or companies for sponsorships. Therefore, they are able to spend a bigger portion of their budget on private jets (next to luxurious cars).

Players like Christiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and Neymar have bought a business jet. They can use this private jet when required. For example, Christiano Ronaldo recently purchased a Gulfstream G650 with a market value of € 60 million. This business jet is suitable for flying transatlantic routes which makes it interesting for his visits to his main sponsor: Nike.

footballers with private jets: christiano ronaldo
Source: Instagram

But not every soccer player can afford a private jet of their own. Renting a private jet proposes a perfect alternative. There are many parties on the market that offer private jets for charter.

Some footballers find fun in the game to fly with the largest private plane possible so that they can post this on their social media channels such as Instagram or Facebook. Though most of them are price sensitive and book an air taxi instead. As well in relationship to advertise yourself or a brand you should read our blog “Bring your brand on board


More and more football supporters are willing to join their favorite team and support them at their away matches abroad. It is fun to go to a game with two friends, watch your favorite club and grab a beer in the visiting city afterwards.

We regularly fly to Manchester (Manchester United), the London region (Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea) and Paris (Paris Saint Germain). Equally destinations in Germany are doing well nowadays, such as Dortmund (Borussia Dortmund) and Munich (Bayern Munchen).

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Not only soccer players, but also DJs save travel time by flying in a private jet. But do they save time because they rent a business jet or because they buy the jet? You can find the answer to this question in our blog: Are DJs really buying their private jets?

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