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When you want to rent a private jet or an air taxi, different companies offer you several possibilities. Each option has advantages and disadvantages. Based on your own priorities and travel requirements you will have to choose the best option and decide which one is more beneficial. We have listed the features of both for you and explain the differences between a private jet and the private jet alternative of the air taxi!

private jet alternative

Similar features

Travel according to your schedule and save time

The flight schedule of both private jets and air taxis is built around your personal needs, rather than around maximizing profitability and occupancy for the airline. There are times when flights with airlines do not work or that the schedules are simply difficult to combine with the times of a meeting. A good example are routes from Antwerp, Belgium to Brittany, France. This destination is quite difficult to reach. You can get there via Brussels and a transfer in Lyon or 6 hours by car. For a day trip this is impossible. An air taxi or private jet flight takes about 1:30. With an air taxi you are always able to save up valuable time! Especially if you are travelling for business, the time that you save while travelling privately can be used efficiently for the business, resulting in a higher economic value for the company.

private jet alternative

A study conducted by Booz Hamilton concluded that users of an air taxi per trip have an average of 153 minutes of extra productive time when traveling by private plane instead of a commercial airline.

A study by the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) also concluded that more than 20% of all users who rent a private plane felt more productive while working on board a private jet compared to working in the office. In addition, their opponents flying with a traditional airline offer a 36% reduction in productivity.

For every commercial flight, you must be present at the airport for check-in and security by default 1.5-2 hours before departure and you nearly always have to stand in queues. You must also take into account the maximum amount of liquids. With an air taxi or private jet this is no problem. You simply show up, park your car close to the aircraft, greet the pilot, who picks up your luggage and stores it in the baggage space. You get in and 15 minutes later you are already on the way to your final destination.

Amsterdam schiphol airport main terminal
Amsterdam schiphol airport main terminal

Not only traffic jams lengthen your travel time, but they can also hinder your drive to the airport of major cities. Therefore, it is often convenient to choose a flight from regional airports. You can find regional airports, on European average, every 15 Minutes. From these regional airports it is mostly possible for air taxis and private jets to depart. Fly Aeolus uses 1600 airports throughout Europe!

Differences between a private jet and the private jet alternative, the air taxi

Private jet

Operation Model

Charter operators offer a large variety of different private jets for hire. For each type of flight, they have a suitable aircraft available. These operators have an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) in order to be able to fly clients commercially. If the plane you choose is already taken, the chance is high that you need to make another decision.


The price you pay includes the actual flight and any aircraft repositioning costs. It is based on the plane chosen and its availability. In general, the costs of the private jets depend on the distances they have to fly as well as airport taxes. The prices vary from 1500 € per flight hour for a small jet all the way up to 10000 € per flight hour for an aircraft that can accommodate a larger number of passengers and covers a larger distance.


An exclusive ambience and stylish design create an atmosphere of well-being on private jets. The seats in private jets are always comfortable, upholstered leather seats. If you rent a private jet, you can mention your wishes and the companies will provide you with a suitable aircraft. There are also no baggage restrictions on private planes. Inflight dining is the client’s call as well.

Private jet Cessna Citation Mustang

Private jet companies offer you selected meals and drinks on longer flights, which you can book according to your personal taste. The private plane operators will send menus to passengers in advance. Private jet caterers are first class, and the choice is wide. You can choose from sushi, steak, gourmet pizza and burgers, salmon and bagels, seafood, salads, pasta, all according to your preferences.


When you fly with a private jet you have the advantage that you can fly at a higher altitude and above bad weather due to planes being pressurized. Flying higher allows airplanes to avoid turbulence that occurs at lower altitudes.

Fly Aeolus Air Taxi: the best private jet alternative

Operation Model

The Fractional Ownership Model is seen as a private operation. The aircraft management and the operations of the flights are also provided by Fly Aeolus. In our Fractional Ownership Model alternative aircraft are equally available on demand, that means if there is no air taxi available near you, we will provide you with another one of our fleet.    


Fly Aeolus’ air taxis as a private jet alternative are ideal for shorter runways. High-altitude airports in the Alps can also be reached easily with an air taxi. The average private jet requires at least 1500 meters of runway to be able to land or take-off safely. Air taxis only require on average 750 meters of runway length. Also grass runways are usually impossible to be operated with a private jet. A grass runway poses no problems for our air taxis.

private jet alternative

Air Taxi parachute

Safe flying is not only the mission of Fly Aeolus but also of the producer of the Cirrus aircraft. From day one the producer is determined to improve the safety level of the aircraft. This has led to the most important safety innovation in more than half a century of aviation: the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS ™).

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This Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS) is a whole-plane ballistic parachute recovery system designed specifically for Cirrus Aircraft’s line of general aviation aircraft. This aircraft parachute system is designed to protect the occupants in case of emergency. Thanks to the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System, the aircraft can descend slowly to the ground. CAPS is a revolution in the general safety of aviation and no other certified aircraft manufacturer in the world offers this safety device as standard equipment on all its aircraft.

In the event of an emergency, the pilot can pull the CAPS handle that is located in the ceiling of the cockpit. This will unlock the aircraft parachute.


The small, high-quality aircraft offer space for 3 passengers in a cabin with similar space and luxury than that of a sedan car.

private jet alternative interior

Passengers who travel for business over a short distance often have less requirements than passengers going on holidays. A business passenger on board mostly opens his laptop and starts working immediately after take-off. Passengers who go on a holiday taking a private jet rather enjoy the overall experience. Fly Aeolus serves a bottle water and some candy on all flights.

The maximum weight for your luggage is 10 kilograms per person. You should always check the size limits of your luggage: the entrance to the Cirrus SR22 luggage compartment is 50 cm x 50 cm. The length in the cargo area is 91 cm, the width 101 cm and the height is 97 cm.

private jet alternative


Our Fly Aeolus air taxis are not pressurized. That means they are flying at lower altitudes and therefore have to handle bad weather in a different way. Mother Nature sometimes throws a curveball and complicates the flight route with obstacles such as high winds, lightning and storms. Of course, in such cases the flight route is changed to avoid bad weather you might encounter on the way.

We will always monitor weather 24 hour in advance to give you ample notice and assistance with alternative arrangements, if necessary.


By using small affordable aircraft, the Fly Aeolus air taxi provides affordable private flights. The air taxi prices are up to 50% lower compared to those of private jet charter operators. Fly Aeolus offers one fare from € 580,00 per flight hour. For each flight request, a quotation is made based on your desired travel schedule. The offer you receive includes the cost of aircraft positioning, airport charges and, if applicable, overnight costs of the pilot. If you intend to use our services more than once, the Pre-paid packages are attractive. You choose a package that best fits your travel behavior and receive a discount on all your flights.

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