By Aron van Ziel

Travel back in time by visiting the beautiful city of Bruges. The city, located in the west of Belgium, is also known as the Venice of Belgium. You can view the city from the water through the beautiful canals. It is also possible to walk through the ancient streets and explore the city at such. Below you can read why a weekend in Bruges is a must.

The Burgundian lifestyle of Bruges

Not only is Bruges a very beautiful place to see, but it is also a place where you can feast your eyes on all the delicious food that you pass when walking through the city. What you cannot ignore during a walk in Bruges are the many chocolate shops. Especially in the center of Bruges you will find a shop window in every street that is full of the most beautiful made-up chocolates and pralines.

Another specialty of Bruges, but actually of the whole of Belgium, are the many special beers that you can drink on the many terraces and cafes of the city. Therefore the local brewery, called “De halve maan”, is a lovely place to visit. When you visit the brewery, make sure that you get a tour around the building. After the tour, you will receive a free beer, straight from the brewery. Online you can easily make an appointment and choose a time slot that fits you best.

When night falls in Bruges

The most beautiful time in Bruges is when the night falls. Because of the many restaurants in Bruges, there is always a place where you could have a lovely dinner or just a drink. The variety of restaurants offers a suitable choice for everyone. For example, there are a lot of fancy restaurants but you could also choose to go out for a more simple Italian restaurant. The French cuisine is a very common one in Bruges.

Are you looking for a culinary experience, then choose the restaurant “De Jonkman”. This restaurant, with 2 Michelin stars, has a delicious menu. Besides restaurants, Bruges also offers a wide range of cafes and pubs. Especially on weekends they are pleasantly busy. Here you can enjoy a wide range of Belgian specialty beers.

A highly recommended activity in the evening in Bruges is a walk through the “Minnewaterpark”. The park, located to the south of the city, makes you feel like you are miles away from civilization. While in fact, the park is only fifteen minutes away from the city center. If you would like to enjoy a delicious dinner with a view of the Minnewater, you can visit the Bruges restaurant “Bauwens Monique”. In this restaurant you dine in a real castle located next to the Minnewater.

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Must do’s in your weekend in Bruges

There are many sights in Bruges that you should definitely visit before you leave. The most famous one is the Belfort. The tower was build in the 13th century and gives a lovely view of Bruges that you cannot get anywhere else. Please note there is no lift in the tower. So before you can enjoy the view, you must first climb the tower’s 366 steps.

Another activity you should undertake while you are visiting Bruges, is a cruise through the canals. Using a tour boat you can see the city from a different perspective. The boat guide will give information about all the special buildings while you sail past them. This makes Bruges one of the most beautiful destinations compared to other cool winter and summer destinations.

Are you a sports fanatic? Then choose to visit the stadium of the local football club Club Brugge. The Jan Breydel Stadium, the official name of Club Brugge’s home base, is located south-west of the city center. A tour of the 45-year-old stadium takes 90 minutes and costs only 5 euros for those over 12 years old.

Get a view on the Belfort in Bruges by using an air taxi.

Doing business at Bruges

The industry of Bruges mainly revolves around the adjacent port of Zeebrugge. The port had a cargo throughput of 45.8 million tonnes in 2019. If you are often on a business trip in Bruges, you can consider joining “De Hanze”. De Hanze is a club for professional entrepreneurs from Bruges and other cities closely to Bruges. The business club is a meeting place for entrepreneurs and regularly organizes interesting activities.

What to visit during a weekend in Bruges

By planning your weekend in Bruges in time, you will avoid disappointments, as it can be quite busy with tourists in summer. This can cause many hotels to be full. What many people probably don’t know is that there is an airport less than 40 kilometers from Bruges. By using an affordable private jet, you will get the most of your weekend in Bruges. Instead of traveling for hours by car, you can fly for instance from London to Ostend airport in less than an hour. This airport is less than 40 kilometers from the center of Bruges and is open 24 hours a day. This way you can fly when you want.

Private jet from London to Bruges

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