By Stefaan Ghijs

Depending on the number of flights you perform yearly within Europe, you can choose from two air taxi travel options. If you travel 10 times a year within Europe, renting an air taxi with a private jet membership would be the most cost-effective option. But if you fly more than 30 or 40 times a year, as some businessman do, a private jet purchase can become a very interesting option. Especially when also a return on investment is generated.

In this article, we will help you through the process of a private jet purchase, membership, and give you some tips.

Private jet purchase: Owning a Fly Aeolus Air Taxi

Owning your aircraft for business or personal use provides luxury, convenience, and a productive way to travel. Owning an aircraft is also a sensible and financially interesting option if you travel a lot. Especially when you calculate all the indirect travelling hours that you save by using your own aircraft.
Owning an aircraft involves a great deal of administrative and technical headaches, something you don’t want. When owning an aircraft, you only want to enjoy the benefits but definitely not have the hassle.

With the Fly Aeolus ownership formula, you can fully tailor the use of a business aircraft and related expenses to your actual flying needs.
You do not need to worry about maintenance, management and flight operations. Fly Aeolus organizes everything for you and offers you a clear and transparent oversight. You fly the aircraft and we will take care of the rest.

Private jet purchase with Fly Aeolus


Another benefit of owning your aircraft with Fly Aeolus is that your aircraft can be added to the Fly Aeolus Air Taxi pool. Fly Aeolus is able to lower the cost for Cirrus aircraft owners by providing your aircraft to our valued air taxi customers without sacrificing its quality. You decide when your aircraft is available which guarantees complete control over your Cirrus SR22. This allows you to fully enjoy the benefits of aircraft ownership at an affordable price.

In short; placing your Cirrus SR22 aircraft in the Fly Aeolus Air Taxi pool provides all the benefits of owning a personal aircraft without having to worry about maintenance, management and flight operations. Fly Aeolus manages the aircraft ownership and offers you a clear and transparent oversight.

Check our fly-aeolus-aircraft-investment-summary and see your advantage!

Private jet purchase with Fly Aeolus

Renting an air taxi

Renting an air taxi would be the cost-effective option for you if you travel around 10 times a year within Europe. Prices for flying with a Fly Aeolus Air Taxi start from € 580,00 per flight hour. For each flight request, a total price will be set for your desired itinerary.

If you are a frequent flyer Fly Aeolus Private jet Membership packages can be very attractive. You choose a package that best fits your travel behavior while receiving a discount on all your flights and cancellation insurance. We offer 2 different private jet memberships:

The Personal Membership is the preferred choice of our regular travelers and is the most chosen one. For € 50,00 per month, you will receive a discount of 5% on all your flights and a cancellation insurance.

As an additional benefit, if you choose the Business Membership for €100,00 per month, you will receive a 10% discount on all your flights, a taxi booking assistance and a cancel free booking service.

Are you tired of the waiting times, security checks and long queues at major airports? Try one of our personal air taxi services!

Our tips for becoming an aircraft owner

  1. Ask yourself how often you travel by air over the course of a year. If you travel a lot, buying an airplane is a good option.
  2. Do traffic jams to get to the airport and through customs and security cause you to lose many hours of work? In this case an air taxi is the most suitable solution.
  3. You should also ask yourself about the costs related to the purchase of an airplane. To save money, opt for fractional ownership with Fly Aeolus.

Get in touch with Fly Aeolus Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions for more information.

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