By Thomas Billet

When you want to rent a private jet or a private aircraft, different companies offer you several possibilities. Each option has advantages and disadvantages. We have listed them for you and explained the differences.

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Private jet rental

The best known option is the rental of a business jet. Charter operators offer a large variety of different private jets for hire. For each type of flight, they have a suitable aircraft available. These operators have an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) in order to be able to fly clients commercially.

The price you pay includes the actual flight and any aircraft repositioning. It is based on the plane chosen and its availability. In general the costs of the private jets depend on the distances they have to fly as well as airport taxes. The prices vary from 1500 € per flight hour for a small jet all the way up to 10000 € per flight hour for an aircraft that can accommodate a larger amount of passengers. If you travel often, discounts can be applied if you pay several flight hours in advance.

Shared ownership (fractional ownership)

Do you spend more than 100 private flight hours a year? If you regularly fly to the same destinations, shared ownership of a private plane can be a smart alternative from a price perspective. Depending on the contract and the company, you can commit to a package comprising of a number of flight hours.

If you own a share in a private plane, you share it along with the fixed costs that come with it together with other owners. Beware, this option may affect the availability of the aircraft. If you would want a different type of aircraft for one of your flights, often extra costs must be taken into account. Having already purchased a share in the plane, you then only pay the flight costs when using the aircraft.

The cost of a share depends on the plane and the size of the share. With a light jet, such as a Cessna Mustang, it is possible to cover about 2,000 km with three to four passengers. A new Cessna Mustang costs about 2.5 million. Larger private jets such as a Guftstream fly over a distance of 13,000 km with 8 people. The price for a G650 is approximately 48 million, excluding the costs per month needed for maintenance, storage and management. These fixed annual costs are shared with other parties.

Private jet brokers

Private jet brokers are important players in the private aircraft market. Brokers are an important chainlink between charter operators and their customers. They search market wide for the best aircraft option for your flight requests. When booked they stay by your side throughout the rental as personal contact. Different brokers often differentiate themselves in terms of the personal service they provide. Brokers charge a margin on top of the flight price of the chosen operator and aircraft. The margins typically run from 250.00 EUR per reservation up to 5% of the purchase price of the private jet.

Digital Platforms

A large number of digital platforms or booking applications try to automate broker services. These platforms have a direct connection with the operators. They offer estimated prices on a large scale of services. As a result, the prices are often lower than with brokers. In digital cases, the personal service provided by brokers is absent.

All you can fly memberships

These companies offer fixed-rate flight plans similar to the American Surfair model. On the routes of an “all you can fly” airline, a customer can fly as much as he wants for a fixed monthly amount of ca. 2550 GBP. They often connect small airports near business cities with a private jet. There are already several companies in Europe that have tried to start such a model before the start of Surfair Europe. Unfortunately, “Takeair” in Antwerp, Belgium and “Jetwise” in Amsterdam, the Netherlands were unsuccessful. Surfair, which seized services, flew to London, Zurich, Sion and Ibiza with a Phenom 100. Besides the flights, the membership also offers a number of other services, including a parking service.

Air taxi

The air taxi unites the best of all previous options. By using small affordable aircraft, the air taxi provides affordable private flights. The air taxi prices are up to 50% lower compared to those of private jet charter operators. The small, high-quality aircraft offer space for 3 passengers in a cabin with similar space and luxury than that of a sedan car. These can be booked through different applications.

Fly Aeolus has a fleet of 13 aircraft distributed throughout Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and France and works with a shared ownership model. You will always receive the same product for the lowest price possible, accompanied by a personal, tailored service.

Because the aircraft are spread out through Europe and are of the same type, the repositioning costs are reduced. The availability can also therefore be guaranteed for the same price. You can have a look at our price calculator to get an idea of ​​the cost of an air taxi.

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