By Aron van Ziel

When people think of private jets, they often think of large, luxurious and priceless aircraft. However, this is certainly not the case. Private jets come in many different shapes and sizes. Different private jets therefore have different qualities. For example, one private jet can fly further and the other is a lot cheaper. Private jets can be divided into 4 types of categories. The categories are heavy jets, mid size jets, light jets and air taxis. In this blog we discuss all different types of private jets and the private jet price.

Heavy jets

The largest private jets are called heavy jets. These are private jets that in some cases can carry up to 30 passengers. However, most heavy jets can take a maximum of 20 people including crew. Due to the size of the heavy jets, they can also fly a lot further than smaller private jets. With most heavy jets you can fly over a distance of approximately 7000 kilometers. This allows you, for example, with a Challenger 604, which has a top speed of 870 km / h, to fly directly from Amsterdam to New York in about 10 hours.

There are a lot of different types of heavy jets, a few examples:

Because heavy jets differ very much in size, luxury and the number of passengers they can carry, the price of a heavy jet is also very different. The price for the Challenger 604 costs around 3,300 euros per hour. The price can fluctuate very much, there are several factors that contribute to this. Namely the destination, length of your stay and the number of passengers.

The private jet: Challenger 604
The Challenger 604 private jet

Mid size jets

The next class after heavy jets are the mid size jets. Mid size jets are, as the name already describes, a mid-range private jet. They are one size smaller than the heavy jets. Mid size jets can carry up to about 11 people and have a range of about 5000 kilometers. For example, with a Citation Sovereign, which has a top speed of 840 km / h, you can fly from London to Malaga in about 3 hours.

Some examples of mid size jets are:

  • Citation XLS
  • Hawker 900xp
  • Citation Sovereign.

The average height that these jets can achieve varies per jet, but on average the jets reaches up to 10 kilometers. The price of a mid-size jet depends on many different aspects that we have already mentioned. But on average you will spend 2,500 euros per hour for a mid-size jet.

The mid size jet Citation Sovereign
Citation Sovereign

Light jets

After the heavy size jets and the mid size jets we arrive at the light jets. As you probably expect, these are a lot smaller and lighter compared to the other two categories. The light jets have a lower flying time than heavy and mid size jets. Light jets usually hold up to 6 or 7 passengers, including the pilots. In some cases they have a range of 4,000 kilometers, but usually 3,000 kilometers is the maximum.

Three examples of light jets are:

The price for renting a light jet is approximately 1,500 euros per hour. Again, the price depends on the distance to be traveled to the destination and the length of the stay.

The light size jet: Cessna Citation Mustang
Cessna Citation Mustang


The last category there is, is the air taxi. An air taxi is the smallest model in the private jet category and is therefore the cheapest. Air taxis can be single-engine airplanes, but they don’t have to. An air taxi can often accommodate 4 or 6 passengers including the pilot. Because these planes are somewhat smaller, they can often land at smaller airports where larger jets cannot reach. This ensures that passengers can often land closer to their final destination. An air taxi can fly about 1,800 kilometers and often has a flight height of about 3 kilometers.

The Cirrus SR22 and the Cessna 172 are two examples of single-engine air taxis that can accommodate 4 people. Examples of air taxis that can accommodate 6 people are the Piper Meridian and the Mirage. The price of an air taxi is much lower than that of a light je or mid size jet. The air taxis are less focused on luxury and more on efficiency. Therefore you can use an air taxi for a cheaper price. The Fly Aeolus fleet consists of Cirrus SR22 aircraft, the price to rent the Cirrus SR22 is 580 euros per hour.

The airtaxi Cirrus SR22
De Cirrus SR22

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