By Stefaan Ghijs

Visit delightful Caen and choose for a flight to Caen Carpiquet. Caen, the second biggest city of Normandy in France, well known for its historical buildings built during the reign of William the Conqueror. Close to Deauville and Le Havre it is positioned at 2 hours from Paris but only 10 minutes away from the famous Normandy beaches from which the liberation of occupied Europe took place by the allies in World War II. Normandy lies in between Picardië in the north, Bretagne and Maine in the South and Île-de-France in the East and next to the Channel.

What to do in Caen?

Originally build by William the Conquerer, greatly damaged in WWII and restored afterwards the castle is the number one building to visit. It seats in the middle of the beautiful centre and currently it houses the museum of fine Arts. Other interesting historical buildings to see are the male and woman abbeys.

After a visit to the Beaches of the D-Day Landing, a visit to the Memorial of Caen is also a must. Thousands of crosses can be found on the cemeteries in the region, they testify to the terrible slaughter that took place here.

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Nightlife at Caen

Number one restaurant in Tripadvisor’s ranking is the restaurant “A Contre Sens”. It received a star in the Michelin Guide in 2012. They serve a French kitchen menu. “Contre Sens” is the address that confides with a committed chef, a contrasting cuisine, an intimate setting, attentive service and a passionate team. At “8” and “10” rue des Croisiers, Anthony and Cindy manage to keep all the intimacy at the small tables and all the confidentiality with the big tables.

Industry in Caen

Caen boasts in the automotive, nautical, aeronautical and material sectors in particular. Major automotive firms like Volvo and Peugeot have settled themselves in the Caen Normandy region.

The super campus for innovation in Caen’s North plateau offers a concentration of research and development activities in materials. And famous for one of the world’s busiest link with the world seas being the 12km Canal, Caen houses Frances premier shipping complex.

Flight to Caen Carpiquet Airport

The airport is 6km west of the city center of Caen. On weekdays the airport is opened from 5 o’clock in the morning until 9 o’clock in the evening. It is equipped with an instrument landing system, allowing aircraft to land in low visibility conditions.

Air taxi’s can park close to the airport tower and the main passenger terminal. The latter allows passengers to take a taxi bringing them to their final destination without any hassle. If you do not fancy to take a cab you can also take the Twisto bus. The bus stop every 15 minutes from Monday to Saturday (5h30 am to 12h30 pm) at the airport and brings you straight into town.

Air taxi price Antwerp (Deurne) Belgium to Caen Carpiquet

Flight to Caen Carpiquet from Antwerp (day return)
Aircraft: Cirrus SR22
Flight time: 1:43
Price: 2771.94 EUR (for 3 passengers)

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