By Stefaan Ghijs

The air taxi industry is characterized by its dynamics. This was also the case in 2018 as can be seen in the following 5 air taxi travel market trends we have assembled.

1. The average ticket price increase of commercial airlines

As the average yield (or the average unit ticket price) of commercial airline tickets continues to increase. Consequentially affordable private air travel with air taxis becomes more and more price competitive and therefore a valid transportation alternative for intra-European travel. According to the International Air Transportation Association, Yields in the premium cabin are around 3% higher than a year ago. Even more commercial airlines still offer a limited amount of destinations whereas private jets have shown an increase in point to point connections.

The average ticket price increase of commercial airlines

2. Big airports are no longer a no go

Air taxis majorly serve small airports and airfields. In this way passengers get closer to their final destination. 2018 marked a clear increase in demand in which private aircraft customers departed or arrived at major airports like Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Berlin Shönhagen or Paris le Bourget. This even though that in Europe alone air taxis serve around 1600 airports and the landing and handling costs at big international airports are relatively high.  Charges can be a factor 10 higher in comparison with their smaller airfield peers.

There are two reasons for the latter, either the air taxi passenger lives close to the international airport and likes to have the advantage to depart with a private jet or air taxi close from home regardless of the extra costs involved. Otherwise the private aircraft passenger connects at the bigger airport. Arriving at the airport the passenger continued its journey with an air taxi to its final private jet destination badly served by commercial airlines.

Fly Aeolus Cirrus SR 22

3. Island holiday travel with an air taxi, the air taxi travel market trend of 2018!

In the summer of 2018 we saw another clear air taxi travel market trend. Passengers choose the air taxi not only for business reasons but also for leisure. This increases the seasonal pattern of air taxi demand. This change resulted in longer flights to destinations, like Croatia, and an increase in multi-day travel requests. Passengers were flown to their holiday destination and brought back home two weeks later by the air taxi. As a consequence an increase in a customer travel expenditure was spotted.
A demand growth was spotted in destinations like the northern German islands. The island constitute a perfect get-a-way for intra Germany holidays in the summer. Sylt and Norderney are some examples to name a few. Check our blog “fly to Sylt with an air taxi” here.

air taxi travel market

4. Secretaries overcome traditional travel management companies

Traditionally, secretaries are bound by closed contracts which they have with travel management companies (TMC’s).  TMC’s are organizations that manage organizations’ corporate or business travel program. They will often provide end-user travel tools allowing them to compare and book travel modalities. As a source of information, they use Global Distribution Systems. Most TMC contracts do not allow company travel managers or employees to book and fly non-contracted commercial airlines.

The latter flies limited capacity, which allows commercial airlines to increase ticket prices. Although if capacity is available for passengers, commercial airlines badly connect the destination.  For secretaries this generates a big puzzle. They need to find the right flight at the right time when sending out their managers to different meetings on the same day. The 2018 solution: just send an email to the air taxis asking them for a flight at a requested time to a destination of their demand.

5. Booking an air taxi becomes personal

Although Fly Aeolus offers a flight booking system allowing quick and efficient air taxi bookings, in 2018 more than 50% of the flights took place via mail, WhatsApp or via phone. Customers are increasingly looking for a personalized service. They are eager to book their flights accordingly. They want to speak to a real human when they want. Seeing this trend Fly Aeolus keeps investing in tools making sure that we can answer all your questions quickly and rightfully through the channels our passengers want to book their flights.

We would be delighted to help you too. For flight requests or for more information please do not hesitate to contact us at or call us at +32 (0)3 500 9082, +31 (0)15 820 0999 or +49 (0)30 9789 6996.

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