By Guillemette Gouesse

When you are going to a meeting or conference and the distance is too far to drive, you can decide to fly with an airline or an air cab. Companies that check both options base the choice on the option saving time and money.

What do I need to consider?

Several factors influence the cost of travel:

  • the number of people traveling
  • the average salary of the passengers
  • the ticket prices of the airlines
  • hotel costs
  • car rental costs and
  • meal fees.

The time when you wish to travel also plays a role. If you book an airline ticket two weeks before the flight, the ticket price will be available at a lower rate. But if you book a few days before departure, the price can go up to EUR 500.00 per person.

A European air taxi study (Small Air Transport Roadmap), in which we participated, concluded that the travel party size and their salary have the greatest influence on travel choice.

Direct costsIndirect costs
- Flight ticket- Long waiting times at the airport
- Car rental- Total travel time to reach the destination
- Hotel- Productivity loss of top earners
- Meals- Extra days on the road due to distance

Indirect costs can rise quickly. Take for example a trip from Antwerp to Lyon in France with 3 people. If we assume that companies effectively pay the traveling staff by the hour, it costs EUR 6081.00 more to fly with an airline.

 Total flight time (incl. transferTravel length
Air taxi2:321 day
Airline4:102 days

If you prefer an airline, it can take up to a full day to reach your final destination. Private planes provide much more flexibility and can reach 1600 airports. This is 55 times more than airlines. Private planes therefore bring passengers closer to their customers, suppliers, colleagues and other facilities, and in less time.

In the example from Antwerp to Lyon, the air taxi is more advantageous financially because the air taxi has a flexible departure time. It allows us to shorten the entire trip by one day.

Cost breakdown for a three-person trip:

 Cirrus SR22Airline
Flight time (hours)17.213.75
Waiting time (hours)221.7
Loss of productive time (hours)16.9533.9
Total travel time (hours)25.244.45
Productivity loss3.813 EUR7.627 EUR
Employee costs (during flight and waiting time)2.720 EUR6.615 EUR
Air taxi/ticket costs3.775 EUR945 EUR
Car rental0250 EUR
Hotel600 EUR
Meals150 EUR450 EUR
Total cost10.520 EUR16.601 EUR

Of course, financial models also have limitations. For example, it is impossible to calculate costs when employees cannot follow up on opportunities due to longer flight times.