Being a fractional ownership operator with a sole fleet of Cirrus SR22 and Piper PA46 aircraft, Fly Aeolus has developed an in depth experience in operating, acquiring, selling and flight operation preparations. Fly Aeolus shares this experience through the following services.

Share Your Cirrus or Piper PA46

Would you like to earn back your aircraft costs? Share your Cirrus SR22 or Piper PA46 via Fly Aeolus.
As you know, owning and operating a Cirrus or Piper aircraft can be expensive. Renting out your Cirrus or Piper can be a solution to reduce your operating costs. However, this comes with the risk that tenants do not treat your aircraft in the same way as you do.
Fly Aeolus lowers the costs for owners of Cirrus and Piper aircraft by linking them to our valued customers, without sacrificing the quality of your aircraft. You decide when your aircraft is available which guarantees complete control over your own aircraft.

Aircraft Sales and Acquisitions

Fly Aeolus Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions is specialized in the sales and acquisition of private and corporate aircraft. Buying or selling an aircraft is a detailed and daunting process. Fly Aeolus has therefore assembled a team with the experience and abilities to streamline this entire process.

Interested to know more about the process of selling or acquiring an aircraft?

Aircraft Management

Cirrus and Piper PA46 owners know that time is their most valuable asset. Saving time is one of the most significant reasons for operating a Cirrus or Piper PA46, it provides more productive time. But why wasting time on recurring operational tasks like the administrative and operational aspects of aircraft management.

Check here the possibilities to outsource your administrative and operational aircraft tasks.

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