Note: we are not looking for pilots willing to relocate! We are looking for local cooperation’s for Liège and its sourroundings. If you do not fulfill our minimum requirements, please DO NOT send in your application, we will unfortunately not respond if you do so nonetheless.

At the moment Fly Aeolus operates 15 Cirrus SR22 aircraft and expects to add another two next year. The current fleet consist of EASA and FAA aircraft. Due to this growing fleet and growing demand we are looking for more freelance pilots for Liège and its sourroundings.

Fly Aeolus qualifications

– He/she holds at least a valid CPL-EASA including IR validation.

– He/she has a minimum total experience of 500 hours, of which a minimum of 200 hours are on single piston aircraft, of which a minimum of 50 hours are IFR flights of which 15 hours are flown at night.

– Completed during the preceding 90 days five IFR Flights on a single piston aircraft incl. three instrument approaches in a single pilot role or an instrument approach check.

– Completed during the preceding 90 days three take-offs and landings at night in a single pilot role or a night take-off and landing check.

– He/she has successfully completed training on the Cirrus SR22.

As a Fly Aeolus pilot you will be responsible for the safe execution of a fractional ownership flight. Next to this you need to have a professional customer focus. All your activities will be supported by a professional team based in Belgium.

If you are looking for a new challenge and meet the above requirements, please submit your CV, the last page of your logbook and a copy of your licenses and medical to: