Note: Fly Aeolus is seeking talented and experienced pilots to join our team in the following cities and their surroundings; Liège, Berlin, Hamburg, South Denmark, Kulmbach and Charleroi. We are thrilled to expand our operations and invite you to be part of our success story. Please note that we are specifically seeking local cooperation’s and relocation is not required.

At the moment Fly Aeolus operates 15 Cirrus SR22 aircraft and PA-46 500TP and expects to add another two next year. The current fleet consist of EASA and FAA aircraft. Due to this growing fleet and growing demand we are looking for more freelance pilots for Liège, Berlin, Hamburg, Kulmbach and Charleroi.

Fly Aeolus Pilot

Are you made for Fly Aeolus ?

We are looking for exceptional pilots who meet our minimum qualifications:

  • Valid CPL-EASA with IR validation (and a valid FAA licence for the Liège base).
  • Minimum 500 hours of total experience, with at least 200 hours on single piston aircraft. 
  • A minimum of 50 hours on IFR flights, including 15 hours flown at night. 
  • Completed five IFR flights on a single piston aircraft, including three instrument approaches, in the past 90 days in a single pilot role or an instrument approach check. 
  • Recent completion of three take-offs and landings at night in a single pilot role or a night take-off and landing check within the past 90 days. 
  • Successful completion of training on the Cirrus SR22 and/or PA46-500TP. 

Be the Captain

As a Fly Aeolus pilot, you will take charge of fractional ownership flights, ensuring the safe execution of each journey. Your expertise and professionalism will contribute to unforgettable travel experiences for our clients. 

You will be working alongside a dedicated and professional team, providing you with the necessary assistance and resources to excel in your role. 

Ready for a New Challenge? 

If you are ready to embark on an exciting new chapter in your aviation career and meet the above requirements, we would love to hear from you! To apply, just fill in the following form to tell us more about your experience. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to be part of a dynamic and innovative aviation company. 

Join Fly Aeolus today and soar to new heights in your aviation journey! 

Sylvain Reuzé

“What I love about Fly Aeolus is the versatility of the Cirrus SR22 aircraft, allowing us to reach a wide range of destinations from small provincial airfields to international airports. With their modern fleet and dedicated ground crews, Fly Aeolus provides exceptional support and ensures a seamless flying experience. As a freelance pilot, this opportunity has been a stepping stone in my professional career, allowing me to gain valuable experience and stay connected to my passion for general aviation. Joining Fly Aeolus means being part of a team committed to profesionalism, costumer satisfaction and safety.”

Sylvain Reuzé, Pilot
Kris Vermeire

“In my opinion, the Cirrus SR 20/22 aircraft is a wonderful price/performance/quality combination. The aircraft Fly Aeolus uses are quality and well maintained which makes it enoyable as a pilot. What especially appeals to me are the destinations, the interaction with the customers and the fact that, despite no pressurized cabin, we can still cover fairly long distances in a short time. It is also the case that we can land at both very large airports like Schiphol to grassy slopes of Central Zeeland Airport.”

Kris Vermeire, Pilot