By Frédéric Messina

Over the past year, the entire airline industry was obliged to adapt to the covid and new health restrictions. Today, the vaccine campaigns, which started a few weeks ago, are a source of confidence for an optimistic and “Covid free” future. However, until the pandemic is brought under global control, travel and air travel will remain disrupted. This is why Fly Aeolus has prepared a checklist to help you travel easily during the covid pandemic.

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Check the travel restrictions of your country of origin and destination:

Before even booking your trip, you should check the restrictions and requirements that apply to your country of residence and the country of your destination. Can you travel without having to go in quarantine? Will you be required to do a PCR test allowing you to enter the country? Or do you need to fill out a form before departure?

In our blog “Air travel restrictions in Europe: last updates”, Fly Aeolus is sharing the latest updates on travel restrictions across Europe during the Covid-19 pandemic. Do check this page regularly as they are likely to change over time.

Do not neglect this step: operators and customs will ask you to present these documents before your departure or once you arrive on the territory of your destination.

travel during covid - check the travel restrictions

Consult the health restrictions in the country of your destination:

The restrictions in your country are not necessarily the same as those in place in the country of your next destination. Containment, curfew, a ban on going to certain regions, bars and restaurants which are closed, wearing a mask outdoors or in shops, etc… Make sure you know them before booking your next trip!

Consult your hotel sanitary protocols:

The days of self-serve buffet are gone… Equally many hotels have limited their dining options, room service and have closed their bars. Before you go, make sure your hotel offers in-room dining or allows you to order take away food.

Choose a private jet or an air taxi:

With vaccination programs underway in many countries and the prospect of easing restrictions in the coming months, many people are already thinking about their next trips. Private jets and air taxis represent a safe and convincing way to travel in the face of a health crisis.

When traveling by private jet, there is an inherent social distancing: you avoid crowds, large airports, and crowded planes. This automatically reduces the number of touchpoints and risk of transmissions.

Choose an air taxi to travel during covid

More and more customers are looking to travel more frequently with a private aircraft. This is why Fly Aeolus offers a membership programmes which allow you to benefit from additional advantages: a reduction on all our flights, cancellation insurance or assistance in booking a taxi.

Traveling safely: summary

To travel easily during the covid pandemic, we advise you to:

  • Find out about travel restrictions in your country and in the country of your destination,
  • Make sure your hotel offers in-room dining,
  • Take a PCR test 24 hours before your departure,
  • Wash your hands frequently with hydroalcoholic gel, wear a surgical mask or FFP2, inform the crew of your state of health and share your travel history with your healthcare providers.

But avoid:

  • Traveling if you have a fever, cough, cold, and other corona related symptoms,
  • Having close contact with other people who have fever, cough, cold, and corona related symptoms.

Travel recovery from spring 2021:

Currently, the European borders and the Schengen area are open to European residents. European travellers are therefore free to travel, but each country apply different travel restrictions.

These will gradually disappear, at the same time as the vaccination campaigns will increase. According to experts, international health situation will improve from May 2021. Tourism will thus be able to resume its course, like last summer!

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