By Johanna Menzel

Awesome private jets in various shapes and sizes. For this reason alone, every flight is unique. But also because of the different airports, the number of passengers and the distance. Therefore, the right choice of the right private jet is very important. Fly Aeolus has taken a closer look at the top 5 most awesome private jets for you.

1. Rent a private jet with Hahn Air 

You always wanted to fly in a real private jet but your budget has never been enough? Then the private jet from Hahn Air can be the right one for you. This private jet flies regularly from Düsseldorf (Germany) to Luxembourg for about 550€ per passenger. Unfortunately you cannot choose the destination yourself and there is a high probability that you will not be the only passenger.

Every Friday and Monday this plane flies there and back again. As a result, this company acts as a virtual airline and has a code-share agreement with other traditional airlines. Code sharing is a procedure whereby two or more airlines share a scheduled flight.

2. The “cheapest private plane”

The American aircraft manufacturer Cirrus Aircraft, together with the developer of the Cirrus SR22, offers a private jet: the “Vision Jet”. With a purchase price of 1.96 million dollars, this aircraft is the cheapest private jet in the world. This aircraft can carry 7 passengers. It is expected that this aircraft will trigger a major change in private aviation. It should also be noted that this private jet costs only half of the cheapest competing product on the market.

vision jet: awesome private jets
Cirrus Vision Jet

3. Rent a private jet with Ryan Air

You won’t necessarily expect it directly, but the low-cost airline Ryan Air also rents a private jet. According to their own statement, they rent it at the lowest rate of the competition. The Boeing 737-700 with 60 seats can be booked to all destinations in Europe served by Ryan Air, including stuff that will fulfill all your wishes. With this offer, Ryan Air addresses business, sports club and group travel. Ryan Air does not rule out the possibility that even a bachelor party could rent the private jet. Check out one of the most awesome private jets by Ryan Air:

ryanair commercial airplane: awesome private jets

4. The largest private jet in the world

Until recently, an Airbus A380, the largest commercial aircraft, for 500 to 800 passengers, had not yet been sold to a private individual. The Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal al-Saud was the first to afford such an aircraft. Not only is the aircraft equipped with a luxurious conference room and a spacious room, this luxurious private aircraft also has a Turkish bathroom covered with marble of no less than 2 mm, and also a concert hall. A real staircase and elevator complete this private jet.

awesome private jets

5. An alternative to the private jet

Even the best private jets cannot fly from Abu Dhabi to Sydney on a direct flight. The intelligent use of Etihad Airways’ A350-Front allows its premium class customers to “reside” on the plane. Instead of a single chair, they get a whole apartment with bedroom and private shower. You get your own fully trained butler at a bargain price.
This alternative can certainly compete with a private jet on long distance flights.

Another alternative: Fly Aeolus Airtaxi

If these top 5 unique private jets are outside your budget, then the air taxi is a good alternative. For the price of a last minute economy ticket you can rent an air taxi or private jet with us and travel comfortably to 1600 destinations in Europe. So you can experience luxury in the Cirrus SR22!

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