By Fly Aeolus

We received regularly the request from owners of a Piper Meridian / Mirage to add their aircraft to our fleet. They all showed interest to get an return of investment on their valuable asset by adding him to our pool of air taxi’s. After internal discussions we decided to offer the Piper PA46 Meridian / Mirage next to our Cirrus SR22 product. This with the idea to offer an alternative for customers who want:

  • to travel with 4 or 5 people
  • fly longer distances than the typical Cirrus SR22 range (more than 600-900 km)
  • to have extra departure reliability, albeit bad weather

The Piper PA46 Meridian / Mirage has received an hourly rate of € 800.00 per hour. The Cirrus SR22 is offered for € 580.00 per flight hour.

The interior of the Piper Meridian for rent

Piper Meridian / Mirage

To provide our customers with flights throughout Europe on the Piper Meridian / Mirage fleet, we were looking for multiple European based Pipers in addition to the current 2 that we added. In case you are thinking of buying one, check our listing page at the Fly Aeolus Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions section. The average price per hour of the Piper Meridian is around 1100 euros.

Cirrus SR22

The Cirrus SR22 has always been a successful aircraft since our foundation. At this moment we have 15 Cirrus SR22 aircraft in our growing fleet. Whether you are traveling from Berlin, Groningen, Rotterdam, Liege or Nantes, there is always a Cirrus from our fleet close by. To view where our planes are based, you can also check out our fleet page.

If you are the owner of a Cirrus SR22 or a Piper Meridian / Mirage and you like to lower your direct operating cost, we are interested to add your aircraft to our fleet. Please take a look at our website with the advantages of adding your aircraft.

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