Are you interested to cooperate with Fly Aeolus as a pilot and do you have the right qualifications? Do a pilot proficiency check and join our pilot team.

Fly Aeolus Air Taxi and Private jet offer two pilot proficiency checks according to your Cirrus aircraft experience. In consultation with our instructors, you can opt for the right program.
Note: both programs are preceded by a pilot application interview.

All prices are excluding VAT.

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Pilot Check Flight

For Cirrus Experienced Pilots
€ 1100,00

  • 1.5 flight hours
  • Ground test & pilot check flight with Fly Aeolus instructor

Cirrus Experience & Pilot Check Flight

For Non Cirrus Experienced Pilots
€ 2100,00

  • 3.5 Flight Hours
  • Cirrus SR22 familiarisation (VFR & IFR)
  • Simulated Avionics Training
  • Ground test & pilot check flight with Fly Aeolus instructor

The Fly Aeolus "Cirrus Experience and Pilot Check" consists of self study, ground instruction, 2 hours of flight instruction and 1.5 flight hours for the Pilot Check Flight. Next to the “traditional” IFR and VFR manoeuvres we will put our attention on system specific aspects. After successful completion of the pilot proficiency check Fly Aeolus will schedule and conduct a line training with the pilot candidate. Check the full training program here.
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