By Stefaan Ghijs

What is a Millennial?

Millennials, also known as Generation Y, is a generation born roughly between the years 1980 and 2000. We can distinguish 5 types of millennials based on their personal characteristics:

  • 11% consists of Socializers, they love freedom, entertainment and family values.
  • 15% are Conservatives, who go for clarity, structure, etiquette and traditions.
  • 20% of the millennials are Achievers, they are networkers who, besides family, consider social progress a priority.
  • 23% are Creatives, they are Idealists with an open mind. Self-development is crucial for them.
  • 31% of the millennials consists of Challengers. They are competitive, dare to take risks, love adventure and are fascinated by progress and money.

This Millennial Generation is born in a digital world. These millennials know how to deal with this like no other. They seek and find information and relaxation quickly. The millennials are often seen as a boundless generation.

Millennials are the new users of the air taxi

These millennials (especially the Achievers and Challengers) are new young professionals that expect their journeys to be as flexible and transparent as possible. The millennial traveller uses this generations’ technological advancements in the best possible way. They also transform the standard office to a Cloud workplace using their laptop during European travels.

But what are the most common reasons why they like to use the air taxi?


1. The air taxi is tech minded, as they are

The Millennial is an extensive user of Internet and mobile technology. In this respect they want to receive prices of flights directly and they want to book the air taxi instantly.

Additionally they are using chat boxes on websites for price requests and use social media channels like FacebookTwitterInstagram etc. to remain connected with friends and family during their travel. No wonder that most air taxi’s like Fly Aeolus therefor use WhatsApp as a communication platform to keep in touch with them.

2. They like the sharing economy

The millennials have embraced the sharing economy in large numbers. They do not value ownership as the previous generations does. Companies like Uber and Airbnb, with essentially an empty balance sheet, are more than once used during their travels. These platforms which are essentially based on a sharing economy model are easy and accessible in different cities throughout the world.

Fly Aeolus also operates under a shared ownership model. By paying a start-up fee of € 995,00 you will acquire a share in an aircraft within Fly Aeolus fleet. The big advantage is that accordingly you can use all aircraft in the Fly Aeolus fleet. So, when travelling in Europe there is always an air taxi in the close vicinity.

3. Time is money

When travelling, millennials want to spend as less time as possible on things which do not bring them any value. Waiting times on airports, security lines, traffic jams and whining children are a few of the items a millennial dislikes. All millennials know that time is the most valuable asset, no doubt they want to spend it wisely.

4. Private Jet

As mentioned in the intro millennials like to afford things they put their mind to, including chartering a private jet. Being fresh professionals and price sensitive, they are looking for the flexibility of a private flight for an affordable price. They are not willing to spend € 2.000,00 per flight hour for a small private jet. It’s not about what the millennial can afford, it is merely about the value for money. This generation has money to spend but they want to spend it wisely.

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