By Fly Aeolus

Private jet clients are smart decision makers purposing to save money and add maximum value to their private travel budgets. Whether you need a private jet for business or pleasure, Fly Aeolus can ensure that you get the right aircraft with the right level and support you need, as you are used to from Fly Aeolus. Organizing every detail of your private jet charter, Fly Aeolus helps to determine your optimal travel schedule. Mostly known by our single engine fractional ownership programs but not limited, you can also book aircraft up to 100 persons with Fly Aeolus.

Whether you are hopping on a quick flight to a business meeting or travelling throughout Europe with your family, Fly Aeolus is here to assist in your travel needs. Different start pages like Twimbo propose a lot off different private jet companies. Finding the best private jet can be cumbersome. In our blog “A private jet flight for less! 5 booking tips!” we reveal five important aspects to take into account when you are booking private jet.

Experience Fly Aeolus’ services and discover the benefits of private flying! Interested? Contact Fly Aeolus for an alternative travel schedule at or by phone at +32 (0)3 500 9082.