By Yasmin Balent

Today business people are under enormous time pressure. Business meetings are becoming more and more important. Often there are several meetings, at different locations, on the same day.
Fly Aeolus has put together 5 tips to help you make your meeting more efficient and successful.

Our 5 tips for a successful meeting:

1. Invitation

More and more meetings are taking place across borders. Whether it is national or international, you can invite meeting participants at the same time with an Outlook or Gmail calendar function. Thus, each participant can specify whether he or she can participate in the appointment.

An additional advantage of these systems is the immediate entry of the meeting within each particpants’ calendar. Hence each participant will receive a timely reminder. Be aware how many people you are inviting. With a smaller group you are usually more efficient.

2. Goals and agenda

Go prepared into a meeting and determine the agenda of the appointment in advance. Make sure you have a goal in mind and have defined what you want to achieve with the meeting. Send these to all participants in advance. In that way everyone knows what to expect and what to prepare for. An agenda should ensure that the meeting is constructive and does not deviate unnecessarily from the topic.

3. Actions

Do not write unnecessarily long reports of the meeting, but summarize the decisions made and note the resulting measures per topic, description, executors and deadlines. Do send these to all participants at the end of the meeting. So that everyone has a summary of the meeting and the decisions and actions taken.

4. Location

The basis for a pleasant meeting is a quiet place with natural light and good acoustics. Make sure that this meeting point is easy to reach and find.
You can also meet at airports, which often have good business centers. At Antwerp Airport, for example, you have several rooms at your disposal. However, remember that these often have to be reserved in advance.

5. The right equipment

Make sure that the conference room has the appropriate facilities like internet access and a projector. Water or other drinks during a session are always appreciated by the participants. Don’t forget the charger for your mobile phone and laptop!

Meetings are important, but time consuming. You decide if an appointment is really necessary. Unnecessary meetings are demotivating and sometimes frustrating. Often a telephone conference or an online meeting – for example via Skype or Webex – can be a better solution. To completely isolate yourself from all noise, it is recommended to use noise cancelling headphones.

With an Airtaxi to the next meeting

The hurdle of how to get to and from my meeting in the fastest and most efficient way also varies depending on the location. Fly Aeolus offers an efficient and affordable solution. With an Air Taxi you can always save valuable time! Especially if you are on business, time saved can be used more efficiently.

With your private Air Taxi, you can take off very flexibly from the nearest airport, at your desired time. By booking an Air Taxi you don’t have to wait at check-in or security counters. This flexibility therefore allows you to participate in one day, multiple meetings, different locations and if desired, be back at home the same evening.

Feel free to visit our website and calculate your next business trip with our price calculator. If you have any further questions or would like an individual offer, please do not hesitate to contact us at or by telephone at +32 (0)3 500 9082.