By Alexandre Cohen

You want to go on holiday but you don’t know where to go? If you want to go on holiday this summer or winter, there are many different destinations. Sometimes it’s hard to make a choice. But Fly Aeolus lists the coolest winter / summer destinations of the year right here ! Enjoy !

The coolest summer destinations :

Ibiza (Spain)

In 654 BC the Phoenicians constructed the first port on the Island as they just discovered it. They decided to call the Island Ibisha, with the years the name changed to Ibiza.
As it has been since then, Ibiza is and will remain one of the top trendiest islands in the world, so if you haven’t been there yet, you should go there next year. Ibiza has 57 different beaches, where the water is crystal clear due to the Neptune Gas. Obviously, you can go out partying in over hundred different clubs and dance all night long.

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Cannes (France)

Not only the International Film Festival attracts thousands of visitors to the city, but also the ambience that can almost stand up to the city of Beverly Hills. Of course, you can taste true delicatessen in Cannes, as well as in any French city. Take a stroll in the high-class shops. If you are looking for some adventure, you can have a 15 min ferry ride to the Sainte-Marguerite island on which the island fortress prison was built. A legend says a mysterious man spent 11 years in one of the cells with an iron mask on the face.
Will you dare visiting his cell?

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Saint Tropez (France)

The original fishing village is today a much sought-after destination for the rich and famous. The 20 kilometers of beach offer enough space to get some sun and enjoy life. Saint Tropez offers a lot of shopping possibilities and the harbor invites you to a festive dinner in the evening with a view of all the small and big yachts. If you have seen the famous movie “Les gendarmes à Saint-Tropez” you will recognize some places where the movie was shot!

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Nice (France)

The city does not only inspire with a great beach promenade but also with great waterfalls and their architecture. Because Nice is so close to the Italian border, you can enjoy excellent French and Italian cuisine here.
The hotel Negresco is the most famous and surprising building in Nice.
It has an amazing history, Mme Augier, the current owner of the hotel once turned down an offer from Bill Gates to buy it. One more place that you should add to your destinations list!

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Portofino (Italy)

Portofino is known for the fact that many of the stars and starlets come here for their holidays. Rihanna, for example, has been regularly seen in the region. Not surprisingly, the unique colorful buildings that line up along the shore are a wonderful view from the private yacht.
In 1954, a bronze statue of the Christ has been drowned in the bay to protect fisherman and sailors at their departures. From Santa Margherita Ligure, about 10 minutes from Portofino, both morning and afternoon dive boats leave the harbour to admire this work of art and the reef.

Monaco (France)

Not for nothing is Monaco called the city of the rich, you knew that in 2014 almost 30% of the population were millionaires. The city is not only popular with the rich but also with James Bond, 3 of the movies were shot in the Casino of Monaco. Monaco is also considered the sanctuary of automobile, with the famous Monte Carlo circuit and many collection cars events. As an automobile fan you will see beautiful cars at every street corner in Monaco!

Mallorca (Spain)

With 2,779 hours of sunshine per year and 262 different beaches, Mallorca is an ideal choice for your next summer vacation. Most visitors come from Germany and England to enjoy a few relaxing days on the island.
Did you know a snail and a dragon are hidden in the facade of the city council of Palma? It is said placing them there was the revenge of the builders against the mayor of the time who refused to acknowledge their work. Will you be able to find them ?

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If our most beautiful summer destinations have more for you, here are now the best winter destinations :

The coolest winter destinations :

St. Moritz (Switzerland)

As long as we humans have not yet destroyed all of nature and its enchanting winter beauties, you should definitely take the opportunity to skate on black ice in St. Moritz.
Why black? Because it is a deep lake and the ice layer makes it look like you are skating on black ice. Of course, skiing or snowboarding is a must during your winter holiday in St. Moritz.
St. Moritz is one of the most expensive ski resorts on the planet. It attracts all the famous Hollywood celebrities who are looking for a resting time!
If you want to see them, just travel to St. Moritz and you will have more than your fair share of well-heeled friends!  

Sion (Switzerland)

The southern town is situated in the middle of the mountains and offers a great opportunity to relax and enjoy the fresh mountain air, both in summer and winter. Sion is hardly visited by tourists, which guarantees a stress-free holiday. It offers great opportunities for wine and golf lovers.
Well preserved palaces, castles and fortresses still bear witness today to the strategically important location and the constant economic importance of the town.

Photograph: Nicolas Sedlatchek

Gstaad (Switzerland)

To finish the selection of the coolest winter / summer destinations, we present you Gstaad. Just like Sion, Gstaad is a hardly visited destination by tourists, but offers many great things to see and do. You can, for example, be guided through the winter landscape by a sleigh pulled by Huskies. Or you can let the soul dangle above the clouds. The “Peak Walk” is about 100 meters on the glacier top along. The Ski Club of Saanen was the first one in the city and was founded in 1905, the same year as the first ski runs.

We hope that this selection of the coolest winter / summer destinations helps you to find your next holidays !

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