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Do you often travel for business and have ever wondered how to simplify your travels? Or you just need some information about the current situation because you want to travel? Fly Aeolus has some tips and advice for you! Take a look at our blog and find interesting articles.

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Current topics

EU citizens have the right to move freely within the Union, but the pandemic has resulted in various restrictions. To clarify the situation, Fly Aeolus is sharing with you the latest updates about the air travel restrictions to our top destinations during the Covid-19 outbreak. Read now the Air travel restrictions in Europe: last updates.

travel during covid

Over the past year, the entire airline industry was obliged to adapt to the covid and new health restrictions. Today, the vaccine campaigns, which started a few weeks ago, are a source of confidence for an optimistic and “Covid free” future. However, until the pandemic is brought under global control, travel and air travel will remain disrupted. This is why Fly Aeolus has prepared a checklist to help you travel easily during the covid pandemic. Read the blog now: Travel during and after Covid: advice and checklist

Due to the current covid pandemic a lot of news regarding the pharmaceutical industry is about a vaccine for the virus. As a result, many other important developments about the pharmaceutical industry are not getting as much attention. However, currently there are many developments and trends in this industry. In this blog we discuss the most important ones. Read our blog about the Trends in the pharma industry

Coronavirus travel: Should you travel during the coronavirus crisis?

The pandemic in 2020 had a huge impact on aviation. For example, air traffic was largely halted. Even in the beginning of 2021, the corona crisis is still not under control. Still, air taxi and private jet companies are looking positively at the new year. In this blog we would like to present the expected trends of Fly Aeolus for the year 2021. Learn something about the Top 5 expected trends in Business Aviation in 2021

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