Airplane sales mistakes: the 5 most common ones explained.


What are the five biggest mistakes aircraft owners are making when they perform an airplane sale on their own.

Emotions and airplane sales

The biggest mistake most sellers make is to make airplane sales personal. Leave your emotions at the doorstep! Start thinking as a businessperson rather than as an aircraft owner. People generally have  … Continued

Getting an ROI on your aircraft!


Owning and operating an aircraft can be expensive. When working with our clients we often get the question if we know ways how they could generate a Return of Investment (ROI) on their new asset. There are several options available, but these options depend on several different factors. (home base, aircraft type, range, cabin lay-out etc.) The  … Continued

Buying your first aircraft!


The purchase of your first aircraft is a major commitment that should be carefully considered. A lot of people think they can easily perform a purchase by them self without overseeing all the aspects. One of the most common mistakes in the purchase of an aircraft is to buy it to quickly without considering all  … Continued

Pricing an aircraft right


Lately we’ve seen a lot of price fluctuation in the market for new and secondhand aircraft. Between the rising demand for new and secondhand aircraft, and the financial crisis of 2008, we’ve seen a lot of changes. Before the financial crisis there where aircraft owners who sold their aircraft even during the manufacturing process before  … Continued